Hockey Shooting Lessons

As a parent of a youth hockey player, do you find yourself asking these questions?

  • My child is a terrific skater but why is his/her shot so weak?
  • My child has many opportunities to score, why does he/she not score more goals?
  • My child’s shot is very hard but why can he/she not hit the open net?
  • Why is my child good at only one type of shooting?

Everyone can learn to have a great shot

Some players are born good skaters, others are born with great size and strength, and some are born with a natural scoring sense.  But, the simple fact is every player can learn to shoot the puck.  Shooting is a learned skill in which a player can program their body to properly shoot the puck with velocity and accuracy.

Does the players level matter?

Whether your child is a AAA player looking for ways to separate themselves from the competition or a A or AA player looking to improve their skills, I can tailor fit a shooting program to correspond to his/her skill level and learning speed.

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Hockey Dad

I have been bringing my son to Ian for years. I constantly get compliments on how hard and accurate my son shoots. I would highly recommend Ian to anyone that wants to improve their shot.

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